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Sculptra®Aesthetic (injectable poly-L-lactic acid), is a cosmetic facial injectable that works gradually, resulting in a more youthful looking appearance that can last up to two years. Sculptra®Aesthetic is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment indicated for the correction of shallow to deep nasolabial fold (smile lines) contour deficiencies and other facial wrinkles which are treated with the appropriate injection technique in healthy people. 

Wrinkles and folds associated with aging become apparent, primarily through the breakdown of collagen. Sculptra®Aesthetic helps the body replace lost collagen to provide a more youthful looking appearance.


A treatment regimen of Sculptra®Aesthetic, an average of three injection sessions over a few months, has been shown to help correct facial lines and wrinkles by replacing lost collagen over time to provide noticeable results that can last up to two years.  Sculptra®Aesthetic is made from poly-L-lactic acid, which has been safely used for the past 25 years in resorbable stitches.  It is biocompatible (a material that does not harm the body) and biodegradable (able to be broken down by the body). Injectable poly-L-lactic acid has also been widely used in Europe for close to a decade for cosmetic treatment.

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Before and Afters

SculptraŽAesthetic Before SculptraŽAesthetic After

SculptraŽAesthetic Before SculptraŽAesthetic After

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