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Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign growths on the skin with a small stalk. They are often flesh-colored or darker. The cause of skin tags is unknown, but friction from skin against skin can lead to skin tags. They often appear in folds of the skin, such as eyelids, underarms and the neck. Skin tags are generally painless, but irritation may occur from clothing rubbing against the skin tag.


Skin Tags


Having many skin tags may indicate a problem in your endocrine system or hormonal changes. Your Water’s Edge dermatologist can diagnose your skin tags and determine if you need treatment.


Treatment Options

Water’s Edge Dermatology offers several options for skin tag treatment, including:

  • Surgical excision
  • Cryotherapy
  • Cauterization
  • Ligation


It is important to see a dermatologist for skin tag treatment. Attempting to self-treat skin tags can cause complications, or you could miss an underlying condition. Click here to learn why skin tags should be removed by your Water’s Edge dermatologist.



Skin tags cannot be prevented, but they are more common in older adults and those who are overweight or have diabetes.

Steps to reduce your likelihood of developing skin tags:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid wearing clothing or jewelry that causes excess rubbing against the skin

Click here to make an appointment with your Water’s Edge dermatologist to learn more about your skin tags.

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