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April 27, 2017: From The Today Show, critically important, potentially life-saving information to know and share, about little-known, often overlooked or misunderstood skin cancer and melanoma “warning signs you should never ignore” …

April 24, 2017: This feel-good skin story out of Quincy Illinois “went viral” online, and it’s easy to see why; as it brings one of our favorite slogans – “Everybody Deserves To Be Comfortable In Their Own Skin” – to vivid life, puts it in the most human of terms, thanks to two beautiful 1-year-old girls…

April 24, 2017: Talk about making lemonade out of lemons…when a graduate student working as part of a Western University of Health Sciences College research team made a mistake in how she tested a popular blood pressure drug’s impact on human skin cancer risk, what may prove to be a major breakthrough in the fight against skin cancer was made…

May 4, 2017: Researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom announce major breakthrough, identifying for the first time the specific protein that causes the very common skin condition of eczema. The great hope here is that armed with this new knowledge a cure for the currently incurable skin disease can be developed…

April 5, 2017: Team of dermatologists announces results of unusual new study, showing that years of frightening facial makeup for movie villains has caused public negativity and prejudice – not simply towards the fictional bad guys & gals, but also towards plain old private citizens suffering from visible impact of skin disorders and diseases…

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