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Top Reasons to See a Professional for Mole Removal

Moles are removed for several reasons, whether medical or cosmetic. If you find your skin mole unattractive, it causes irritation from rubbing against clothing or your dermatologist suspects cancer, removing your mole, or moles, is an option.

There are several at-home and “natural” treatment options available, but these can cause complications if not performed correctly. Let’s talk about the top five reasons to have your skin mole treatment performed by your dermatologist.

  1. If your mole might be cancerous, or pre-cancerous, your dermatologist can help you begin treatments to prevent the spread of skin cancer. A dermatologist can have a sample of your mole tested when removing it, which cannot be done with at-home treatments.
  2. Your mole could grow back. Shaving or treating your skin mole at home may not completely remove the mole. If your mole does grow back, that is a possible sign of melanoma, for which you should be treated by a dermatologist.
  3. You could disfigure your skin by leaving scars. Especially on the face, it is important to have moles treated properly to avoid unnecessary scarring.
  4. The treatment site could get infected. A dermatologist can prevent infection from occurring by correctly preparing your skin for the mole treatment and by properly treating and closing the wound.
  5. Mole removal creams can leave pits in your skin. Some skin mole removal creams are corrosive and can cause damage to healthy skin if used incorrectly. If you want to try this method, it is recommended you discuss it with your dermatologist to minimize potential side effects.

Your Water’s Edge dermatologist can effectively remove your skin moles with one of two skin mole treatments: surgical excision or surgical shaving, both of which can be performed in-office. Click to make your appointment to discuss your skin mole treatment with your Water’s Edge dermatologist.

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