South Florida skincare leader Water's Edge Dermatology caps summer 2017 with 4 new offices and new website - Water's Edge Dermatology

 South Florida skincare leader Water’s Edge Dermatology caps summer 2017 with 4 new offices and new website

South Florida skincare leader Water’s Edge Dermatology caps summer 2017 with 4 new offices and new website

Summer 2017 was a season of dynamic growth for Water’s Edge Dermatology (or WEderm), with introduction of a visually striking, user-friendly new website; opening of two custom-built new offices, in Avon Park and Palm Springs; relocation of its Port Charlotte office; and acquisition of a popular Lake Worth dermatology practice, WEderm’s thirty-first office location in South-Central FL.

Approaching its Twentieth Anniversary in 2018 and building on a history of slow and steady growth, Water’s Edge Dermatology founder, owner and medical Director, Dr. Ted Schiff, says it’s all about doing whatever it takes to better meet the skin care needs of more Floridians, in more places.

“Everything we do by way of expanding into new service areas, adding new medical technologies or treatments, and upgrading our communications capacities, it’s all in service of providing the best possible care to our patients, and to bringing that same standard of care to as many more Floridians as possible.”

With full launch of its completely redesigned new website, this cutting-edge South Florida Dermatology practice now has the gorgeous, informative, and fully device-responsive website its patients and fans have been longing for.

With the new website comes the new Water’s Edge Dermatology blog, the WEderm Blog, featuring diverse topics in medical and cosmetic dermatology and all manner of skin-related news — everything from medical breakthroughs, to hot new makeup trends and skin care products.

Coming to the website soon will be a fresh supply of WEderm Originals – a new series of educational, entertaining short videos about all things skin. The new videos will join the current archive of almost 50 WEderm Original videos already on the website, and on Water’s Edge Dermatology’s popular YouTube channel.

The stylish, high-functioning website design is the work of medical website leader, iHealthSpot, based in Greenacres, FL.

WEderm’s brand new Palm Springs office is on Forest Hill Blvd. near I-95, in a busy part of West Palm Beach. The team there is led by Dr. Irina Milman, an FAU graduate who received her medical degree from Nova Southeastern and rose to Chief Resident during her medical residency.

Also brand new, the Avon Park office is about 120 miles northwest of Palm Springs, in rural Central Florida, Highlands County. The team there is led by Dr. Stefan Doig, a top-of-class graduate from Miami University Medical School, and former Chief Resident at nationally renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Water’s Edge Dermatology Port Charlotte office relocated this summer to a custom-renovated, better-equipped new location in the city, with a top team featuring Dr. Laura DeStefano and Sydney VanHoose, PA-C.

In addition to the new offices, WEderm also acquired a practice and reconfigured it over the summer as its new Lake Worth West office location, with longtime area dermatologist Dr. Arthur F. Smith in the lead there.

All these offices are now accepting new patients of all ages; providing Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic dermatology services in the same comfortable, friendly office environment that Water’s Edge Dermatology is known for.

With all the growth and excitement of Summer 2017, you might think this practice was ready for a little rest this Fall. But stay tuned, there’s more excitement in store for Water’s Edge Dermatology in the months ahead.

About Water’s Edge Dermatology

Since opening its first office in Okeechobee in 1998, Water’s Edge Dermatology has gradually grown into one of Florida’s largest, most respected dermatology practices, with the best skin care doctors and most caring customer service any sun-drenched Florida family could hope for. Currently there are 31 community-level office locations that are now providing exceptional medical, cosmetic and aesthetic skin care to people of all ages, all across South-Central Florida.

From state-of-the-art medical offices and technologies, to a prestigious team of top dermatology and skincare providers, to the two full weeks of training every office staff member receives before starting on the job, to the collegial, multidisciplinary atmosphere among providers that fosters the highest levels of quality care and collaborative excellence, to the physically beautiful and warmly welcoming nature of all of our offices…

Come feel the difference at Water’s Edge Dermatology…Dermatology With A Difference!

Principal Interviews, photo/video shoots and speaking engagements can be arranged by calling contact above.

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