5 Tips For Rosacea Skin | Water's Edge Dermatology

The approach of the holiday season brings many good things, like spending time with family and much-loved traditions. But, if you have a condition like rosacea, the cooler temperatures and drier wind can bring some less-loved side effects, like worsening symptoms. If you suffer from rosacea skin, here are some tips to help you avoid that uncomfortable flush this as it gets cooler.

  • Cover up— Stronger and cooler wind can dry your skin more quickly than humid breezes of summer. Wearing sunglasses and a soft scarf can protect your face from wind damage without causing further irritation.
  • Stick to your routineSkin care is essential to managing your rosacea, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Keeping your skin care regimen consistent is an important step in managing your rosacea. Washing your face twice a day and using plenty of moisturizer is key.
  • Keep the heat to a minimum— In the cooler months, remember to keep your indoor temperature moderately warm and use a humidifier to avoid drying your skin.
  • Wear sunscreen every day— Even as the sun’s rays weaken in the cooler seasons, exposure to the sun can cause flare-ups.
  • Relax— Managing your stress is an effective step in avoiding flare-ups year-round, so don’t let holiday stress catch you off guard. The National Rosacea Society suggests meditation or yoga as calming options for managing stress.

Your Water’s Edge dermatologist wants you to enjoy the holidays, so talk to him or her about any changes in your condition.

What strategies do you use to manage your rosacea skin? Let us know in the comments below.