Bobbi Hintz, APRN – Water's Edge Dermatology

Veteran nurse and dermatology practitioner Bobbi Hintz is a Florida native who began her professional career as an LPN in 1996. Bobbi discovered she had special affinity and aptitude for skin care, and spent more than seven years as a dermatology nurse – including six years at our Water’s Edge Dermatology office in Sebring, Florida.

Deciding to take her career to the next level, Bobbi went back to school and earned a master’s degree from University of South Florida’s College of Nursing. She has been practicing dermatology as an advanced registered nurse practitioner since 2015.

"I’m very excited about serving as lead practitioner in the Ocala office and look forward to helping the residents of Ocala with everything from acne to skin cancer and more."

Bobbi is married with two children and is the lead practitioner in our Ocala office.

Bobbi Hintz, APRN