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Water’s Edge Dermatology’s Vein Center in Stuart, Florida, is home to one of the world’s foremost specialists in venous disease and practices, Dr. Ronald Bush. Dr. Bush has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, including a recent article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology that details findings that advance the treatment of telangiectasia based on his 2-year study of 135 patients.

Vein Therapy News published another article by Dr. Bush titled, “Most venous disease can be classified as cosmetic” in its June/July 2018 issue. In that article, Dr. Bush writes that approximately 80 percent of all vein patient can be classified as cosmetic even if they have saphenous insufficiency. Based on studies that Dr. Bush has launched at Water’s Edge Vein Center, he has been able to examine the effects of different modalities of treatment for various venous conditions and incorporate micro-surgical techniques to treat a range of vein issues.

In addition, Dr. Bush and Peggy Bush, APRN, developed the Aesthetic Vein Conference, an intensive course that trains physicians in new procedures and protocols for vein diseases. Peggy is a board-certified adult health clinical nurse specialist who has practiced the study and treatment of venous disease since 2009. She works alongside Dr. Bush professionally and in life as his wife. Peggy also co-authors papers with Dr. Bush on venous disease and treatment.

The Aesthetic Vein Conference, scheduled for October 13, will demonstrate new techniques for treating venous disease, including spider veins, varicose veins, hand veins, breast veins, and veins of the face. The goal of the conference is to educate practitioners in techniques that provide cosmetically superior results.

Dr. Bush and Peggy have dedicated their medical careers solely to the treatment of venous disease and many of the new procedures now performed to treat vein issues have originated in part from his clinical studies. Click here to read more about Dr. Bush.

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