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Study: Pre-Teens Now Getting Acne At Younger and Younger Ages

Even though 40 to 50 million of us deal with acne regularly, and even though fully 85% of us will suffer with acne in our lifetimes, it often feels like you’re the only one dealing with skin problems. And when you’re dealing with acne at a vulnerable young age, it can feel like your acne is worse than everyone else’s, or that your pimples are the only thing people notice when they look at you.

These self-conscious feelings will be familiar to many adults who suffered with acne in their teenage years. Those painful years can leave emotional and physical scars, and 40% of teenagers will develop some acne or acne scarring by the time they turn 15. Unfortunately, doctors around the country are reporting that they are seeing younger and younger patients come in for acne treatment.

Dermatology Times, an online dermatology website, reports that this is a growing problem among pre-teens all over North America. One new research report found that out of 1,277 children, 41.6% of children ages seven to nine had acne, and more than 75% of kids ages 10 to 12 did too.

The research shows that acne is no longer popping up at age 12 for the first time, and this early onset can be a predictor of skin disease and potential scarring later in life.

How To Treat Acne in Pre-Adolescent Children?
While early onset acne might be troubling, the best acne treatment for kids are often the same as they are for adults. The first course of action is preventative measures, like regularly washing the face, improving diet, and using common OTC medications.

Of course, if problems persist or worsen, then it’s time to book an appointment with the best dermatologist in your area, especially for severe acne treatment.

Treating Dermatology Online: Skin Care for a 2016 Teen
In telemedicine such as online dermatology, patients consult with a highly experienced doctor online, and it’s an increasingly popular option for certain types of common, non-life threatening health conditions. That’s why dermatology telemedicine services are on the cutting edge of healthcare today. And if the thought of seeing a doctor over the internet seems strange, it will likely seem less strange to a pre-teen or adolescent, who already do everything online already.

That’s why online dermatology appointments are an ideal match with early onset acne.

If you or one of your children is dealing with severe acne and common remedies have failed to help, then it’s time to find a dermatologist specialist who can help.