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Spring is a time for reawakening, rebirth and renewal – including for your skincare routine! If you’re wondering what updates to make, and which cosmetic treatments can work a little extra magic in combination with a spring-freshened skincare routine, read on…

Winter to Spring Skincare Transition 

The winter months are dehydrating for your skin. It’s not uncommon for your outermost layer of skin (epidermis, and you knew that, right?!) to appear dull, rough, even raw. Think of what happens when you dry out a plump and juicy plum. Yup…prunes.

In similar fashion, when stripped of moisture your skin tends to shrink and wrinkle. That’s fine for a plum, not so hot for your face. Staying well-hydrated inside and out is an important baseline for spring skincare.

Take heed of some of the following tips too, and you’ll have your gorgeous, youthful glow back in no time…

Ten Tips That Can Help

    1. Spring cleaning of your skincare supplies : Throw out old makeup and other skin products and refresh your bathroom shelf.
    2. Reboot your cleansers : Use moisturizing cleansers to hydrate winter-dried skin. Products with vitamins A, E, C work best when used with warm and not hot water.
    3. Lighten up : Revise that winter skincare routine for spring by using fewer products overall. Swap heavy creams for lightweight moisturizers with an SPF 30 or more.
    4. Exfoliate : Once a week, remove dead skin cells to help get all your glow back where it belongs. This also helps your moisturizers penetrate and benefit your skin.
    5. Wear sunscreen daily without fail : With longer days and stronger sunshine, you have to be more careful than ever to use daily SPF 30+ moisturizer. Using lightweight moisturizer with the sunscreen already included is a good option.
    6. Eat your way to restored elasticity : Promote collagen formation with foods rich in Vitamin C. Oranges and other citrus, broccoli, kiwis and peppers, all great choices. Foods with the bioflavonoid anthocyanins, such as cherries, and most berries, also help promote collagen levels and elasticity.
    7. Account for allergies : Facial fallout from seasonal allergies can wreck havoc with even the most seasonally fine-tuned skincare routines. Talk to your favorite dermatologist about impact and treatment for springtime allergies, which cause redness, inflammation, under-eye bags.
    8. Soothe and comfort your skin : Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts and/or soothing natural botanical ingredients. Maybe a massage with using therapeutic body oils to slough off dead skin and flush out toxins? You get the idea!
    9. Consider a cosmetic peel or other rejuvenation treatment : Spring is a great time to get a seasonal-specific chemical peel or other aesthetic treatment. Best to do that with a licensed aesthetician in a dermatologist’s office. These treatments can be game-changers, sloughing off dead skin, brightening the fresh new layer, and reducing age/brown spots.
    10. Find & wear the right hats : Can’t hurt to make a little shopping part of your new spring skincare routine. Look for wide-brimmed, fashionably fun hats that will protect as much of your head and neck as possible.

In addition to the tips above, consultation with an aesthetic medicine specialist will give you great options for treatments best-suited to your individual skin type this spring. There’s an exciting new range of aesthetic treatments available to help you put your best face forward, right through Labor Day and beyond.

Working in partnership with your dermatologist and/or aesthetic medicine specialist, here’s to hoping your skincare routine gets the “Spring Awakening” it needs and deserves this year!

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