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Adult Dermatology: Changes in Aging Skin

We won’t stay young forever, but that doesn’t mean our skin can’t continue to look its best. Adult skin changes as it ages, and some of these changes are more obvious than others. The trick to keeping your skin looking healthy and young for longer is prevention. Your Water’s Edge adult dermatologist can help you stall some of the side effects of age. Here are the five most-common effects of aging skin:

  1. Skin gets drier. Your skin produces fewer moisturizing oils as you age, so it’s important to protect your skin from losing moisture to wind, hot baths or the sun.
  2. Your skin begins to thin. Adult skin thins as you lose some of the fatty layer below your skin. Your skin cells regenerate more slowly and your collagen and elastin levels decrease as you age.
  3. Skin begins to sag. As your skin thins and you experience lymphatic drainage, gravity begins to pull on your skin. The decreasing levels of collagen and estrogen mean there is less structure for your skin as well.
  4. Age spots develop on exposed skin. Age spots are areas approximately the size of freckles. They are caused by melanin overproduction due to sun exposure.
  5. Wrinkles form and deepen. The most common causes of wrinkles are sun exposure, muscle and skin movement from facial expressions, slower skin cell regeneration and less collagen production. These are made more prominent by sagging skin.

Your skin is an indicator of your health, so keep it looking as good as you feel. Your adult dermatologist can treat dry and sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots. Make your appointment with a Water’s Edge dermatologist today and get serious medicine for your skin.

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