New treatments for Venous Leg Ulcers and Chronic Venous Insufficiency

 Dr. Luke Maj on New Treatments for Venous Leg Ulcers & Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Dr. Luke Maj on New Treatments for Venous Leg Ulcers & Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Water’s Edge Vein Center specialists are experts in treating vein issues. In fact, our very own Luke Maj, M.D. presented last week at the American Professional Wound Care Association 17th Annual National Clinical Conference in Baltimore on Friday, September 7th. Dr. Maj’s presentation covered the latest developments in “Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency.” With his extensive knowledge, experience and personal interest in all of the latest vein technologies, Dr. Maj’s focus is geared toward advancements in the treatment of all types of venous disease.

Water’s Edge Vein Center is on the leading edge of treatment for vein disorders such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Venous Ulcers, Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Face Veins, and Hand Veins.  Arteries bring oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Veins return oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. Chronic Venous Insufficiency occurs when leg veins cannot pump enough blood back to the heart.

Valves in the veins keep blood flowing in the right direction, and when leg muscles relax, these valves close to prevent blood from flowing in reverse, back down the legs. When sitting or standing for a long time, blood in the leg can pool, increasing venous blood pressure. Vein walls can become stretched and weakened, damaging the vein valves and causing Chronic Venous Insufficiency or CVI. Without treatment, CVI can progress and result in more serious issues.

The Vein Center Team at Water’s Edge Dermatology can treat vein disorders before they become more serious. If you are experiencing symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency which include: leg cramps, varicose veins, leg itching, and throbbing, pain that increases when standing or edema, make an appointment at the Water’s Edge Vein Center today to see one of our vein specialists.

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