Finding Your Family’s Perfect “Skincare Partnership”

Skin problems can begin appearing during infancy, and continue right into old age. That’s why it’s well worth establishing a lifelong “skincare partnership” with the best dermatology practice within your ongoing, convenient reach.

When Benjamin Franklin famously said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, chances are he wasn’t referring to healthy skin. But given how preventable, detectable and treatable most skin disorders and diseases are, he might as well have been.

That’s one big part of having a professional skincare partnership. As you and your family age, the skin issues and challenges facing you keep changing. A great dermatology practice will be by your side throughout. Educating and assisting with preventive care; putting knowledge of each family members’ medical history to good use when needed to develop customized treatment plans.

As with other organs in our human bodies – but on a larger scale because it’s our largest human organ – our skin goes through different stages of development and vulnerability as we age. Getting ongoing, age-appropriate information about a variety of age-specific skin conditions promotes prevention and early detection of skin disease. And that can be life-saving.

Throughout childhood and adolescence, having a qualified partner in skincare can be a game-changer. From molluscum contagiousum in young children to acne in teenagers; from “chicken skin” to warts, hives and assorted rashes…knowing how to prevent such skin conditions and getting personalized treatment for them when needed saves a whole lot of hassles, and heartache.

As we grow into adulthood and then hopefully old age, skincare challenges persist. Our skin gets thinner, and drier. There’s less elasticity and more sagging, as at first fine facial lines and then deeper wrinkles appear. Hormonal changes and challenges can cause adult acne and other skin troubles. And the stress and lack of sleep so many adults endure can cause a wide range of skin disorders.

With such skin vulnerability throughout our lives , it’s undeniable that a skincare partnership with a leading dermatology practice such as Water’s Edge Dermatology can only help you and your family cope — especially in Florida…“The Sunshine State”.

For one thing, WEderm is an undisputed leader in state-of-the-art skin cancer diagnosis and treatment at more than 30 local community offices.

For another very cool thing, when WEderm is your partner, you also have an incredibly effective range of cosmetic and aesthetic anti-aging and beauty-enhancing services at your disposal.

By now, you likely know that exposure to UV rays from sunlight or artificial devices such as tanning beds is the leading cause skin cancer.

The occurrence of skin cancer and its deadliest form, melanoma, doubled from 1982-2011. Upwards of 50 percent of us reaching age 65 will have had at least one occurrence of Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

A single blistering sunburn in childhood or adolescence can almost double the risk of melanoma. Five before age 20 can raise the risk by 80 percent.

And another American dies from melanoma every 54 minutes.

Statistics don’t lie.

Best defense (alongside faithful sunscreen usage)?

Establish an ongoing relationship with a premiere dermatology practice. One that’s committed to both preventing skin cancer, and to being equipped with the best possible practitioners, technologies and treatment options to beat it whenever necessary.

Whether it’s the scourge of skin cancer, or the more common skin problems that plague so many of us from childhood into adulthood and old age…

Finding the right skincare partnership and sticking with it will help you and your family achieve and maintain the healthy, beautiful skin you want, through every age and stage of life.