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Grand Rounds at Water’s Edge Dermatology

One of the most distinctive features of our Water’s Edge Dermatology skincare practice is that we conduct “Grand Rounds” 3 or 4 times a year. If you’re a fan of medical shows on TV, you probably already know what Grand Rounds are. When a pack of medical students, residents and interns follow a hospital’s top docs as they visit patients with the most challenging cases, those are Grand Rounds.

The invaluable and now-traditional teaching hospital practice started back in the late 19th Century. Rounds were the brainchild of legendary John Hopkins Medical School’s co-founding physician and leading Professor, Sir William Osler. The idea was to use the hospital’s most difficult cases as a first-hand teaching tool in the training of new physicians.

Soon enough, Grand Rounds got so popular Osler had to start holding his group discussions in the hospital auditorium. Smaller groups of leading physicians with residents and the rest in tow still visited patients at bedside to examine and talk with them. But so many doctors and medical students wanted in on the analysis and brainstorming that followed, Grand Rounds took on vital life of their own.

So, you may be wondering how that all translates to a local community doctor’s office. And even more so, you might be curious about how that process would work with skincare, at a local neighborhood dermatologist office?

Well, that’s why we decided to make a brand new WEderm Original Video. Instead of telling you why we started Grand Rounds more than a decade ago, we decided it would be way more entertaining, informative and fun to show you.

We want you to see for yourself how our own WEderm version of Grand Rounds unfolds, in real time.

We want you to meet one of the most renowned dermatologists in the world, Dr. Joseph Jorizzo. Water’s Edge Dermatology founder and Medical Director Dr. Ted Schiff met and became friends with Dr. Jorizzo about 15 years ago. Within a few years of observing him teaching and practicing dermatology with a rare combination of compassion and brilliance, Dr. Schiff invited him to lead Grand Rounds at Water’s Edge Dermatology.

That’s how a bold new tradition unique to the over-cluttered world of South Florida dermatologists and skincare providers was first born.

Now, Drs. Jorizzo and Schiff are more committed than ever to fostering collegiality and medical education for both aspiring and already-practicing dermatology providers. But there’s equal commitment to creating an unparalleled opportunity for patients with stubbornly troublesome skin diseases and disorders to get the finest diagnostic and therapeutic dermatology evaluation imaginable — at our Water’s Edge Dermatology office and administrative headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

And, patient participation in Grand Rounds is totally free of charge,

Patients with the most challenging dermatology conditions come from all across the practice’s other offices; from Arcadia to Wellington, Avon Park to Windermere, and all points in between. They come with the highest hopes for relief. And they are rarely disappointed.

Watch the new video and you’ll understand firsthand why we call our skincare practice, “Dermatology with a Difference”.