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Water’s Edge Dermatology is celebrating 20 years as Florida’s premiere skincare provider, and if we’ve learned anything over the years when it comes to skincare products, it’s how to help our valued patients buy what’s best for them and what to consider regarding skincare products on the internet. So, the Water’s Edge team has compiled a tips list based on our two decades of experience.  Here’s to taking great care of your birthday suit!

Tip #1: Don’t purchase skincare products on the internet from off-brand sites

Quality skincare products can be damaged if they are not stored and shipped properly. Exposure to heat or cold can negatively affect the chemical ingredients, such as delicate antioxidants, that were developed to help your skin look and feel more youthful. Even if they have a top name-brand label on them, products sold on the internet could be past their expiration date. You’ll have no way of knowing that when you shell out your hard-earned cash. Once you receive your product, if you find that you are not happy with it, making a return and getting your money back can be a big challenge.

Tip #2: Beware of counterfeit products

The fake skincare product market is alive and well, just like fake designer handbags and clothing. Because these products often contain cheaper, less effective and sometimes dangerous ingredients, counterfeit products can damage your skin. Price often will tell you if a product is counterfeit. Many fake skincare products are offered at a very low price, enticing buyers who want deep discounts on brand cosmetic products. The truth is that quality skincare products rarely go on sale for more than 20 percent below their retail price. To ensure that you are getting the authentic product, purchase directly from the brand retailer, and look for legitimate sales from that retailer.

Tip #3: Get recommendations from a dermatologist, not retail store clerks

Sales associates at a department store cosmetics counter are paid to sell you their product line. Your dermatologist is committed to helping you get the right product that will deliver the results you want. With years of medical training and experience in skin science, your dermatologist can guide you to the best skincare products for your skin and your goals.

You’ll be able to test a product at your dermatology office before you purchase it, saving you money in the long run. It’s important to remember that not all skincare products – in spite of their great reviews — are right for every individual and skin type. Those with oily skin may fare better with serums rather than heavy moisturizers. People with dry skin typically need added moisture in their skincare products. Making an appointment with your dermatologist is the best place to start.

Your skin is an important asset. It’s one of the first things people notice about you. When you take the time to get the right information and advice backed by medicine and science, your skin will know it and show it.  It’s why we practice the Art, Heart and Science of skincare.

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