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Our History & Philosophy of Care

The story of Water’s Edge Dermatology, or WEderm, begins when young Dr. Ted Schiff follows up on years of distinguished study and training by founding his own medical practice in the small South-Central Florida community of Okeechobee, in July of 1998.

“It was a two-person office with no computers, everything was done manually; I even helped answer the phones. Good training, hard work, attention to detail and above all else, dedication to great patient care; that’s what allowed us to slowly but steadily build a successful practice.”

The determination to provide people with the highest standard of skincare and dermatology services at a convenient local dermatologist office, coupled with creating the best possible overall patient experience, did not go unnoticed.

Positive word-of-mouth spread about Dr. Schiff and Water’s Edge Dermatology, and we’ve continued to expand and grow in response ever since; never simply for the sake of getting bigger, but to better meet a broader range of skincare needs for more of our fellow Floridians, in more local communities across the state.

Of course, we haven’t only grown in size – from that 2-person office in Okeechobee to the hundreds of great people who now work for Wederm in nearly 30 office locations. We’ve also grown the scope of medical, cosmetic, skin cancer, vein health and plastic surgery services we offer; and the state-of-the-art medical and cosmetic dermatology equipment, technology and expertise at our and your disposal.

One thing that hasn’t changed since 1998 and never will, is our passionate commitment to putting patients first, to treating every patient that walks through our doors exactly as we’d want our own family treated. Those are our Water’s Edge Values. They always have and always will inform and guide the evolution of our practice, as we continue to create our ongoing history, with your help.

And our Philosophy of Care? We study, train and work hard to be the best we can at what we do, then try to remember to enjoy it, to have some fun doing it – while maintaining a laser-like focus on delivering serious medicine for your skin in the most compassionate possible manner, and most comfortable setting.



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