Skin Cancer Treatment

There are treatments for skin cancer. Everyone can get skin cancer, no matter how light or dark your skin may be. Exposure may come from UV rays, X-rays, genetics, weak immune system, scarring from bad burns, cancer-causing compounds such as arsenic, sunburns, and the use of tanning beds.

You aren’t alone. Water’s Edge medical dermatologists are here to provide you with compassionate and thorough care.


Excision: Dermatologists will numb the skin and surgically remove the cancer along with a small bit of healthy skin around the area. The small bit of skin is called a margin.

Mohs Surgery: Performed by dermatologists who have received special training, this procedure involves taking layers of skin from the cancerous area layer-by-layer until the current layer is cancer-free. The dermatologist will scrutinize the skin layers through a microscope to determine if another layer needs taken.

Curettage and Electrodesiccation: This process involves scraping off a bit of skin from the top layer of the cancer and then gently cauterizing the remaining cancer cells. This treatment typically needs to be repeated three times.

Other Treatments:

Immunotherapy: Doctors will use the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancer.

Cryosurgery: Freezing the cancer cells and allowing them to slough off.

Chemotherapy applied to the skin: Physicians will apply medicine to the skin cancer and it will destroy the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy: Medicine used when the skin cancer goes beyond the skin.

Photodynamic therapy: This process involves a chemical peel and exposure to a special light.

Radiation therapy: Radiation may be used for large areas of skin cancer on older adults.

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