Hot Tips for Buying Skincare Products

Water’s Edge Dermatology is celebrating 20 years as Florida’s premiere skincare provider, and if we’ve learned anything over the years when it comes to skincare products, it’s how to help our valued patients buy what’s best for them and what to consider regarding skincare products on the internet. So, the Water’s Edge team has compiled [Read More]

Shingles, Seniors & Medicare Coverage

Chances are, most young people have little idea of what Shingles is, much less how doctors treat it, or Medicare covers it. But the skin disease that’s scourge to so many millions of seniors has its roots in childhood. Chickenpox, in fact. Back in the day as they say, there wasn’t a vaccine preventing most [Read More]

Understanding Adult Acne

Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory skin condition that affects around 50 million Americans. Acne is typically associated with young adulthood. Indeed, in the throes of pubescence, angry, hormonal teenagers are expected to have unsightly acne. But come adulthood, your acne will disappear and your skin will become surreptitiously clear, right? Wrong. While acne typically begins [Read More]

Top Five Reasons Not to Pop Your Pimples

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States, so it makes sense that there are many different techniques and tricks for getting rid of acne. Unfortunately, even with the variety of acne treatments available, many people still pop or pick at acne. Here are the top five reasons why you should stop popping your pimples: [Read More]

Adult Dermatology: Changes in Aging Skin

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to look your age. Taking good care of your skin can keep you looking younger for longer, so don’t say goodbye to that youthful glow yet.

Do You Need a Dermatologist?

There are a number of skin conditions that a person may contract over the course of their lives, from acne, which affects nearly 85% of people at some point during their lifetime, or skin cancer, which will affect an estimated one in five Americans. Fortunately, for the skin conditions that require clinical help, dermatologist specialists [Read More]