Sun Safety

Summertime is fun time to spend outdoors. But in sunny Florida, that means more exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Those UV rays can damage unprotected skin in as little as 15 minutes and even lead to skin cancer. Here are some tips to keep you sun safe all year long. Seek Shade One [Read More]

Top 4 Overlooked Sun Damage Risks

If you’re like millions of other people, you’re probably enjoying as much outdoor fun in the sun as you can with friends and family this summer. And you probably know the basics of Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention: Avoiding direct sun exposure (if you can) from 10 am – 4pm, when UV rays are [Read More]

Effective Sunburn Treatment

If you got a nasty sunburn recently, here are some treatment options, as well as tips to prevent future burns and a warning about the dangers of catching too many rays. We love this great video as a quick refresher. Sunburn treatment The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these five steps to treat a sunburn: Don’t [Read More]