Summertime and Acne … It’s the Worst!

Did you know that the summer months are more difficult for those who suffer with acne? According to a study published by The Journal of Dermatology, the majority of patients said their acne is worse when temperatures rise. Why? The summer heat, sweat and humidity all work to increase oil production in the skin. This [Read More]


Skin care from your 20s to your 70s & beyond With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the team of experts at Water’s Edge Dermatology wants to help you look your best on Valentine’s Day and every day. But did you know your skincare regimen needs to evolve depending on your age and adapting skincare for your [Read More]

What to Expect from a Chemical Peel

With the new year upon us, are you ready to reduce the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, skin discoloration, or acne scars for a healthier, clearer, and brighter complexion? If so, skin-resurfacing with a chemical peel may be a right choice for you. Types of chemical peels Depending on the results you’d like to see, [Read More]

Five Tips to Help Your Teen Overcome Acne

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the U.S. and affects 40 to 50 million Americans. Just when appearance often becomes so important to teens acne can strike and strike hard. By the mid-teens, more than 40 percent of adolescents have acne. At Water’s Edge Dermatology, teens come to see our acne experts tens [Read More]

Three Major Misconceptions & Myths About Professional Acne Treatment

We’ve heard more than our share of acne treatment myths in recent years; from how people get acne, to how they can get rid of it, and just about everything in between. Let’s look at three of the more common misconceptions about professional acne treatment. Myth 1: Dermatologists are basically professional strength pimple-poppers This is [Read More]

What’s New & Effective in Acne Treatments?

For teenagers and adults alike, acne is a difficult condition to live with. Finding the right acne treatment for your unique skin can be even more challenging. Anyone who’s struggled with acne will tell you it can flare up at any time, for no apparent reason. Being prepared with expert advice and effective treatment options [Read More]

How to Get Clearer Skin With Acne-Fighting Foods

If you’re suffering from acne, then you’re not alone. Currently, 85% of all people in the U.S. have suffered from some form of acne at a point in their lives, typically on the chest, face, or back. Acne is caused by a number of factors, including genetics, stress, and diet. And while we can’t control [Read More]

How Can You Prevent Scabies?

Americans suffer from a wide variety of skin disorders. One of the most common skin disorders, for example, is acne, which affects 40 to 50 million Americans or about 85% of people during their lifetime. Another, lesser known skin condition is called scabies. An infestation of scabies mites causes this condition when it burrows beneath [Read More]

What Your Acne Might Be Telling You

If you’re an adult with acne, don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to recent statistics, nearly 85% of all adults get acne at some point in their lives, whether it’s on the face, chest, or other parts of their body. In the U.S. alone, between 40 and 50 million people are currently dealing with some [Read More]

Study: Pre-Teens Now Getting Acne At Younger and Younger Ages

Even though 40 to 50 million of us deal with acne regularly, and even though fully 85% of us will suffer with acne in our lifetimes, it often feels like you’re the only one dealing with skin problems. And when you’re dealing with acne at a vulnerable young age, it can feel like your acne [Read More]