Spotlight on Dr. Ronald Bush

Water’s Edge Dermatology’s Vein Center in Stuart, Florida, is home to one of the world’s foremost specialists in venous disease and practices, Dr. Ronald Bush. Dr. Bush has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, including a recent article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology that details findings that advance the treatment of telangiectasia based on his 2-year [Read More]

Shingles, Seniors & Medicare Coverage

Chances are, most young people have little idea of what Shingles is, much less how doctors treat it, or Medicare covers it. But the skin disease that’s scourge to so many millions of seniors has its roots in childhood. Chickenpox, in fact. Back in the day as they say, there wasn’t a vaccine preventing most [Read More]

Is HEV light from phones and other devices damaging our skin?

What is HEV light? If you picture a rainbow in your mind’s eye and zoom in on the blue-indigo-violet rays, that’s what we call High Energy Visible or HEV light. Also called “blue light”, these high frequency, short wavelength rays are second in strength only to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet or UV rays from sunlight (and [Read More]

What’s New & Effective in Acne Treatments?

For teenagers and adults alike, acne is a difficult condition to live with. Finding the right acne treatment for your unique skin can be even more challenging. Anyone who’s struggled with acne will tell you it can flare up at any time, for no apparent reason. Being prepared with expert advice and effective treatment options [Read More]

How Dermatologists Help Treat the Symptoms of Serious Disease

If you have problem skin, it’s likely that you have considered making an appointment with a skin dermatologist to discuss your treatment options. Currently, there are an estimated 7,575 dermatologist clinics in the United States, comprising an industry that has generated an estimated $11 billion in revenue. The dermatologists that work in these clinics are [Read More]

What Every Floridian Must Know About Skin Cancer

If you’re like most Floridians, you’ve taken advantage of our summer and spent a good deal of time outdoors playing golf, tennis, boating, fishing, or just walking our magnificent beaches. In Florida, we are fortunate to enjoy these activities year-round. However, all of that exposure to the sun is something of which to be mindful. Skin [Read More]