How to Choose a Sunscreen

Sun and fun. They go together, particularly in the sunshine state. But sun can go with other things that aren’t so fun at all, such as pre-mature aging of your skin and even dangerous skin cancers. Fortunately, there is a not-so-secret weapon that is easily available and known by just about everyone. It’s called sunscreen [Read More]

May 6th is Melanoma Monday

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer? Approximately 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day. That means approximately one in five Americans develop skin cancer. While melanoma is not the most common type of skin cancer, it is the most dangerous. It is responsible for 10,000 [Read More]

Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

Did you know that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and when caught early, it is also the most treatable. For those who work outside or participate in regular outdoor activities, covering up and choosing the right sunscreen can help prevent [Read More]

Tanning Safety & Skin Cancer Risk for Young Women

Ask most young women if appearing tanned is important to looking and feeling their best, and the answer will often be yes. Simply put, many still perceive a tanned face as a sign of health and attractiveness. It’s a long-standing, common  perception that still motivates millions to hit the beach and/or tanning salon, searching for [Read More]

Don’t Spray Sunscreen on Kids….. At Least for Now

The Food and Drug Administration announced last month that it was investigating the potential risks of spray sunscreens. Of particular concern to us is the possibility that people might accidentally breathe in the ingredients, a risk that’s greatest in children, who—as any parent knows—are more likely to squirm around when they’re being sprayed. As a [Read More]

Effective Sunburn Treatment

If you got a nasty sunburn recently, here are some treatment options, as well as tips to prevent future burns and a warning about the dangers of catching too many rays. We love this great video as a quick refresher. Sunburn treatment The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these five steps to treat a sunburn: Don’t [Read More]

Sunscreen is Beauty’s New Best Friend

We all know sunscreen is an important step in protecting yourself from skin cancer and those painful sunburns. But did you know there is a new reason to slather it on? Water’s Edge Dermatology wants to encourage you to take a couple minutes to reapply sunscreen and make your skin look younger.  The National Health [Read More]

The Long and Short of UV rays

Coolers, beach chairs, umbrellas and sunscreen, lots of sunscreen, are popping up in endless colorful displays throughout stores nationwide! This could only mean one thing, summer is on the horizon! Picking out a sunscreen to protect yourself and your family can be a bit confusing. What brand do I want? What spf do I need? [Read More]

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and Water’s Edge Dermatology recommends the following skin cancer prevention tips to have fun in the sun and reduce risk for skin cancer at the same time: Generously and regularly apply water-resistant sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. Make sure the sunscreen is [Read More]