Skin Cancer Treatments

Hearing the word “cancer” can be scary. However, when it comes to skin cancer, it doesn’t have to be frightening. Although it is the most common cancer in the United States, skin cancer is highly curable when caught and treated early. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer or a pre-cancerous spot, schedule a visit [Read More]

Spotting Skin Cancer

Have you ever looked at a spot on your skin and asked yourself, “Should I be concerned about that?” Most of us have. At Water’s Edge Dermatology, we want to help make everyone smarter about skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Early detection is vital. [Read More]

Tanning Safety & Skin Cancer Risk for Young Women

Ask most young women if appearing tanned is important to looking and feeling their best, and the answer will often be yes. Simply put, many still perceive a tanned face as a sign of health and attractiveness. It’s a long-standing, common  perception that still motivates millions to hit the beach and/or tanning salon, searching for [Read More]

3 Things You Need to Know About Skin Cancer

Having clear and beautiful skin is a priority for many — but what if your life depended on it? Making sure your body is free of cancerous moles and other signs of skin cancer is essential to leading a long and healthy life. Here are 3 more things you need to know about skin cancer: [Read More]

How to Prepare for a Skin Cancer Examination

While dermatologists are known for prescribing acne treatment products and treating cosmetic concerns, many patients make an appointment at their local dermatologist clinics for more serious reasons. With one in five Americans developing skin cancer over the course of their lives, it is extremely important you take steps to protect your skin from harmful UV [Read More]

The Skin Cancer Treatment Options You Should Know About

Skin cancers are more common than you might think; about one in five Americans develops skin cancer at some point during their lives, and more than 3.5 million non-melanoma skin cancers are diagnosed in the U.S. each year, affecting more than 2 million people. This means you should ask a dermatologist about any growths on [Read More]

Could You Have Skin Cancer?

It is estimated that one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. This incredibly common skin condition can have a number of effects on an individual’s skin and overall health, and can even result in death. Because of this, if you are exhibiting potential signs of skin cancer, [Read More]