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Meet the Providers

Our impressive team of providers at Water’s Edge Dermatology is committed to making sure your experience with us is exceptional at every visit. Our physician team is composed of two dozen board-certified dermatologists, as well as a plastic surgeon, vascular surgeon, and radiologist.

The rest of our medical and cosmetic team includes physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and licensed medical aestheticians, all highly qualified to provide you superior care with outstanding results.

Each of our providers is accepting new patients (unless otherwise noted) and looks forward to welcoming you and your family to our practice.



  • Ted Schiff

    Ted Schiff, MD

    Founder and Medical Director

  • Danica Alexander

    Danica Alexander, DO

  • Laura DeStefano

    Laura DeStefano, DO

  • Darron DiGiulio

    Darron DiGiulio, DO

  • Laura Greyling

    Laura Greyling, MD

  • Laurie Lenz

    Laurie Lenz, DO

  • John Minni

    John Minni, DO

  • Dwayne Montie

    Dwayne Montie, DO

  • Kellie Mosley-Mendez

    Kellie Mosley-Mendez, DO

  • Alissa K. O’Brien

    Alissa K. O’Brien, MD

  • Nayomi Omura

    Nayomi Omura, MD

  • Bebe C. Pajo

    Bebe C. Pajo, MD

  • Justin Platzer

    Justin Platzer, MD

  • Raymond Ramirez

    Raymond Ramirez, DO

  • Kerry K. Shaughnessy

    Kerry K. Shaughnessy, MD

  • Christopher R. Spock

    Christopher R. Spock, MD

  • Yvette Tivoli

    Yvette Tivoli, DO

  • James Towry

    James Towry, DO

  • Michael Wangia

    Michael Wangia, MD

  • Robert E. Weltman, FAAD, FACMS

    Robert E. Weltman, MD, FAAD, FACMS

Advanced Practitioners

  • Sharon Barrineau, ARNP, DCNP

    Sharon Barrineau, ARNP, DCNP

  • Gerry Emanuel, ARNP, DCNP

    Gerry Emanuel, ARNP, DCNP

  • Lucinda Faulkner, ARNP

    Lucinda Faulkner, ARNP

  • Francisco Ancaya

    Francisco “Pancho” Ancaya, PA-C

  • Rick Gagnon, PA-C

    Rick Gagnon, PA-C

  • Belinda Girmonde

    Belinda Girmonde, PA-C

  • Dori Peters Hite, PA-C

    Dori Peters Hite, PA-C

  • Anna Iskandar, PA-C

    Anna Iskandar, PA-C

  • Jeffrey Johnson, PA-C

    Jeffrey Johnson, PA-C

  • Mark Leach, PA-C

    Mark Leach, PA-C

  • John Levasseur, PA-C, DSDPA

    John Levasseur, PA-C, DSDPA

  • Beth Mitchell, PA-C, DSDPA

    Beth Mitchell, PA-C, DSDPA

  • Marianne Pineda, PA-C, DSDPA

    Marianne Pineda, PA-C, DSDPA

  • Jennifer Rivera, ARNP

    Jennifer Rivera, ARNP

  • Kristin Rygg, PA-C

    Kristin Rygg, PA-C

  • Jodie Schmidt, ARNP, DCNP

    Jodie Schmidt, ARNP, DCNP

  • Michael Siino, PA-C

    Michael Siino, PA-C

  • Katherine Smyth, PA-C

    Katherine Smyth, PA-C

  • Tanya Sperber, ARNP

    Tanya Sperber, ARNP

  • Shanna Stone, ARNP

    Shanna Stone, ARNP

  • Sydney VanHoose, ARNP

    Sydney VanHoose, ARNP

  • Claudia Vera, PA-C

    Claudia Vera, PA-C

Plastic Surgery

  • Juan C. Giachino Jr.

    Juan C. Giachino Jr., MD

Radiation Oncology

  • David Herold, MBA

    David Herold, MD, MBA

  • Jeff Kanski

    Jeff Kanski, MD

  • Melissa Bowers, PA-C

    Melissa Bowers, PA-C


  • Ronald Bush, FACS

    Ronald Bush, MD, FACS

  • Luke Maj, MHA

    Luke Maj, MD, MHA

  • Peggy Bush, CNS

    Peggy Bush, CNS


  • Kimberly Van Keuren

    Kimberly Van Keuren

    Director of Cosmetic Services

  • Dominique Evans

    Dominique Evans

    Licensed Medical Aesthetician

  • Linda Hall

    Linda Hall

    Licensed Medical Aesthetician

  • Kendall Pfitzenmaier

    Kendall Pfitzenmaier

    Licensed Medical Aesthetician

  • Shawna Sopher

    Shawna Sopher

    Licensed Medical Aesthetician

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